To guarantee the success of the engineering implementations of SONA Green Technologies, we offer to our customers support contracts for their technology platforms which allow them to have the technology and human resources needed to provide the business continuity and a premium attention to its customers.

This contracts are based in different service level agreements (SLA), offering different kinds of attention and support according to the customer needs. Service levels offered might be 8x5xNBD, 7x24x4 or customized.

Our contracts might include:

  • Support and service scaling with Cisco
  • On site engineering support and service level agreements
  • Register and following of tickets by phone, email and web.
  • Remote incident support.
  • Advanced replacement of parts and devices with SLAs.
  • Specialized assistance for diagnostic and solution.
  • Service Level Agreements to support mission critical platforms.
  • Upgrading of minor software versions.